Trainee Name

Post/Pre doctoral Research Training Period

Prior Academic Degree(s)

Prior Academic Degree

Title of Research Project

Current Position of Past Trainee

Wright, Douglas, PhD 1992-1993 PhD Univ. of KY Overexpression of growth factors in transgenic mouse skin Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Goodness, Thomas, PhD 1993-1996 PhD Univ. of Mass., Amherst Role of growth factors in sympathetic development Senior Contract Advisor Cornell University
Zwick, Melissa, PhD 1997-2001 BS SUNY at Plattsburgh Role of GDNF in primary afferent development and pain Assistant Professor, University of New Jersey
Harrison, Susan, PhD 1997-2001 PhD Tufts University Role of growth factors in sensory and sympathetic neuron biology Research Associate, University of Kentucky, Lexington
Molliver, Derek, PhD 2002-2006 PhD Washington Univ., St. Louis P2Y receptors in chronic pain Asst. Prof., Univ. of New England
Christianson, Julie, PhD 2003-2008 PhD Univ of Kansas Visceral afferent plasticity Associate Prof., Univ of Kansas

Director of Graduate Program, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

Chanthaphavong, Ratsamy, PhD. 2004-2006 PhD GFRa3 and artemin in visceral afferents Teaching – Res. Assoc., Univ of Pittsburgh
Elitt, Christopher, MD/PhD 2003-2006 BS Brown Univ. Role of artemin in sensory development Assistant Professor, Pediatric Neurology, Boston Children’s Hospital
Malin, Sasha, PhD 2004-2009 PhD Washington Univ, St Louis Modulation of TRPV1 & A1 by growth factors Homemaker
Wang, Ting 2005-2011 BS, MS National Univ. of Singapore Role of neurturin in sensory development Technology Transfer Officer, Navy Medical Research Center
Fasanella, Kenneth, MD 2006-2008 MD Univ. of Virginia Sensory innervation of pancreas Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh
Stopcnzynski-Gupta, Rachelle, PhD/MD (K. Albers Co-Mentor) 2009-2013 BS University of Rochester Role of sensory neurons in pancreatic cancer Pediatric Resident, Massachusetts General Hospital
Coates, Matthew, MD/PhD 20011-2013 MD/PhD Univ. of Vermont Neuroplastic changes in ulcerative colitis Assistant Professor of Medicine, Hershey Medical Center
DeBerry, Jennifer, PhD 2010-2014 PhD Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham Interactions between growth factors and TRP channels in visceral pain Assistant Professor, University of Alabama School of Medicine
Makadia, Payal, MD 2014-2016 MD Medical University of South Carolina Role of colonic epithelium in colon pain  Pediatric Gastroenterologist (Attending Physician), Hackensack University Medical Center